Slide show on home page


I’m still on the learning curve so please bear with me. I would simply like to add a slide show of my best images to my Home page. Is it a matter of simply making a call through the Home page masthead options? I’m not seeing how to configure this.


You can create a slideshow on your homepage using the Vegas display option of the Theater add-on module (Theater Add-on Presentations | Backlight).

Then in the page design of the home page, you can insert the slideshow:

Thanks, Daniel!

Hi again,

Your website looks great ! Are you using the Theatre add-on?


Thank you, Micheal. Yes, that’s what I use for the slideshow on the homepage.

Hi Daniel,
I hope you don’t mind if I continue this thread to ask a follow on question. If my Album Template in which I have added my favorite photographs is designated to Pangolin Theater how do I prevent the Vegas Slide show presentation which contains these photographs from running on the Home Page and the Gallery? How would I have it revert back to the default gallery settings?

In the album settings under the Privacy tab, enable Hide From Album Set

Thanks Rod!