Slideshow tuning

Hi there,

I tested a little bit with the Slideshow Arrows and Buttons. But icant disable the Arrow-Background with rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) in Album-Template.
I guess the is still remaing a color from higher instance. Its also very difficult to hit in Browser-inspector.

Does anybody know the the exact php code for the Arrow-background?


Have a nice Day

try setting the slideshow background color to black (0,0,0)
It seems that setting the button background to transparent reveals the slide background overlay. Maybe?
Anyway, setting the slideshow background to black worked for me.

Ok, but when the Picture becomes under the button the black would destroy the clear view. In Album Template is no Possiblity for insout/outside like in Gallerie.

I set the button background to transparent and the slideshow background to black.