Smart Album Questions

I just upgraded to Backlight 5, and am trying to get smart albums setup. I have two quick questions:

  1. Do smart albums only pull from the same top level album set? I am trying to create a new set from dynamic trip photos, but it only seems to work if it’s in the same album set as the original photos.

  2. Is there anyway to filter based on the date or filename? If I want to use that to filter the smart albums, do I need to go back and add the year as a keyword to all my photos, or can I use the information already on the images? All my files are named with the date in the filename, in addition to having capture time.

Hi @kmlucy,

  1. Smart Albums pull from all top level album sets
  2. There isn’t a way of doing that unless using keywords for that purpose. If you’re finding your existing keywords aren’t providing a specific enough result, then you can add keywords specifically for the purpose of being picked up by smart albums. Even going so far as something like smart-album-yosemite.


I created two identical albums, with the same keywords, but the one in the same top level album has images, and the one in a different parent does not. Is there some other setting to allow it to look across album sets?


Do the images have the same filenames? They may be getting removed from the result set as duplicates.

There is no setting. I’ve tested on my end and found that photos from other top-level album sets come through as-expected.

What do you mean about the same filenames? There is only one instance of each image in albums in the ‘galleries’ top level. The ‘trips’ top level is empty save my test album.

Hi @kmlucy, my apologies. I misunderstood your previous comment. I have found that there is a setting for this. Look for “Include Photos from other Top-level Sets in Smart Albums” in the Publisher setting of the Backlight settings page.

That did the trick! Thanks!

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