Social media Icons?

OK, so i have found the social media links and having ridiculous problems showing an icon in the top right corner of my pages.

For example, facebook should be this -

<i class="fab fa-facebook"></i>

Guess what appears on my website? Yep, the actual code, not the icon as its suggested in backlight.

I even uploaded a facebook icon via FTP and then referenced it, but it doesnt show the icon, just a grey square.

Why is this? What am i doing fundamentally wrong for something so simple to implement?
I am incredibly frustrated by something so simple, or should be!!!

you don’t need to add the code, just the name of the icon.
See the instructions right at the top of the Social Media section of the page template

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I did read the instructions, but obviously over thinking it !!!

Its now working! :astonished:

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I was having trouble with the social media icons… This post was very helpful when searching for the answer. I was making another mistake by capitalizing the F in Facebook and I in instagram and the icon would not show up … Do not capitalize…