Some problems as new user

I’m using Backlight 5 with the last version of Lightroom Classic on a new Macbook pro.I am having difficulties building my website.
I first tried to migrate from TTG CE4 with a not so good result and decided to completely rebuild my site.
On my homepage, I still have the Paradox404! message, although I wanted to integrate a Theater slideshow.
For my galleries, I can only display one and the same image, whereas I loaded a whole folder from Lightroom. Finally, my About page is inaccessible after having modified it (message : The template could not be found for id in GalleryDelegate.php on line 358). Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance
Here is my site:
I’m hosted by ovh, using php 8.0

Did you create a page named home? It looks like you have created a menu item for home (Accuiel) and used the url /home to link to it. If so, in your Menu Set try changing the “Link to” choice to Page and then choose the actual home page you created.

Can you post a screen shot of your Menu Set?

Hi, thanks
Here is the screenshot

And the pages I made

In your menu set, for the home page, try changing the “Link to” method to Page and choose your home page

nothing has changed

First, try clearing template cache from the Backlight Special Links page.

I can reach your home page using home.php:

Take a look in Backlight Settings under Website Settings > Page URL Format.
What’s it set at?

Nothing has changed after clearing the template cache.
The website settings are here :

The url for this page goes to a page you created with the identifier of “blog.”
Do you have a WordPress blog too? If so, you don’t need to create a Backlight page for it and having a page named blog and a WordPress blog (Backlight Settings > WordPress>WordPress URL) at the same time could cause a conflict

yes , I have. I need to clear “blog” page ? and then ? how can I integrate the blog on my website ?

Yes, remove the “Blog” page you created.

Do you currently have a blog? What’s the url to it?

I removed the Page “blog” but nothing changes. My url for my blog page is :
thanks Rod to help me!

In your Menu set, change the URL for the Actualités item to that of your blog.
And unless you’re also going to use the Backlight WordPress add-on module to create a theme for your blog that matches the style of your site, you don’t need to have anything in the WordPress fields of Settings.
Here’s more on the WordPress add-on:

Note that the add-on won’t work for blogs that are hosted by

Super, it works well for my wordpress Blog page, but the other items don’t work as before , ie Home Page, galleries …

For the other pages, first try changing the “Link to” method in the Menu Set to Page for those items and see if that works.
(you may need to clear template cache afterward)

I’m at a loss as to why your album isn’t appearing.
If you’d like, I can take a closer look. Feel free to send me admin credentials via private message. You can do so by clicking on my name and then on the blue Message button.

Hi Milena,

First thing I noticed is that the album on your galleries page is a smart album. I took a look at the album and all the pictures are the same picture. I don’t know how that would happen.
I also noticed that there were no keywords attached to the image.
So my first suggestion is to try to create a regular album without using the smart album option and see if that works.

I don’t understand why the navigation is not working as it should when linking to a page. My guess is there may be a server setting somewhere that’s not cooperating. But I don’t know enough about that. @Ben will need to look into it.

I’ve changed a couple of things in your menu set so that now the navigation at least works.

Hi Milena,

The likely culprit is a missing .htaccess file at the top of your website. Can you check that this has been uploaded? You should be able to find it from the files of your extracted installer zip file. It may be hidden though in your FTP program or file explorer. If you can’t see it, let us know what operating system and FTP software you’re using.

Would you be able to provide me with the same login that you passed to @rod_barbee?

Milena, in the backlight admin settings, I would enable auto-redirect from http to https as well.

ok, thank you so much
I will try :grinning:

Hi @milena.perraud, I’ve worked on trying to fix these issues.

The short story is that the .htaccess mechanism on your site/host looks to be completely broken. I can not work out what it’s doing or why it’s doing it. This is really perplexing and I haven’t encountered this before.

The only way I can think of to fix this is to disable clean URLs entirely. I’ve done this by changing the setting for .htaccess in the Backlight settings, and disabling the .htaccess files at the top of your site and within the backlight directory by renaming them to .htaccess_disabled.

Your site looks to be fully working now (unless I’ve missed something), but unfortunately only with URLs such as /?page=about

I hope we can progress further, but for now this should at least get your site working reasonably. Please let us know if there’s anything else that’s not working.

One side affect of this change is that you will probably need to change your API URL in Lightroom from this:
to this:

Hi Ben
It works! The contact page is still weird, I can’t remove the text…
I replaced the API in Lightroom with this one

and I can’t publish anymore. A message appears when I want to create an album :

So sorry…