Something went wrong error but gallery is OK

Just uploaded a basic page for people to grab photos from and everything is working but at the bottom of the page is:

Something went wrong

Unexpected error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in AlbumDAO.php on line 915

I did have problems creating the structure and I ended up deleting and creating a new Album in LR. Is it trying to access the old album? How can I get rid of the message?


@Ben just uploaded a silent update to fix another issue. Try “reinstall all” from the Backlight Modules page and see if what he did for that problem will fix yours

When I went to the page all the content was gone, so I ran the update and re-published it, and now it says there are 2 Abums in NANPS Template, in Backlight Publisher it only shows one. There is only supposed to be one album. In Backlight Publisher NANPS there is no content (there is in other LR created content), and if I go to Assign Templates it shows “No Albums have been created.” This is the problem I ran into before and so I created a new Album in LR Publisher and it worked, but showed the error message.

I can’t remember if I’m supposed to create anything in Backlight Publisher at all if it’s coming from LR.

Hi @Charles_I, I’m not sure what could be causing the error you’re seeing on the bottom of the page. Looking at the latest BL 5 source code, it doesn’t correspond with a line that should be able to throw an error like that. Would you be able to find the file via FTP at backlight/modules/module-publisher/application/dao/AlbumDAO.php and in a text editor let me know what is actually on line 915?

Are you hosting this yourself (your own physical server or NAS) or using shared hosting?

Can you provide me with a Backlight admin login so that I can try to see what’s happening with the duplicate albums? The best way to do so is by clicking on my profile name followed by Message.

Hi Ben,

The error message disappeared when I ran Rod’s update, but so did my pictures, so the error is no longer the problem. I re-published the pictures after the update and they successfully uploaded to some invisible album which I can’t find. Right now I have this structure appearing. Why are there 2 albums? There is currently only one page with one album.

Templates -
NANPS Page Pangolin Page no 1 0 Design
NANPS Album Set Pangolin Album Set no 1 Design
NANPS Album Pangolin Album no 2 Design

In Publisher, there is no content. I have a similar setup in the same Backlight installation and I can see the thumbnails in that top-level set but not in this one.

I can’t remember if I’m supposed to add the Album Set and Album in Publisher if it’s being Published in LR but I couldn’t publish from LR without them being there. Yet there is no content visible.

I have a feeling something has happened in the php file that has created two albums. I can edit the php file if I have to. Currently 915 contains content about passwords so that’s no longer an issue.

If you’re managing sets and albums in Lightroom, you need to create those sets and albums in Lightroom Publisher.

You can then add images to a Lightroom Publisher created album using Backlight Publisher. However, Lightroom Publisher won’t know about them and those images will not appear in the album in Lightroom Publisher.

I understand that. What I want to know is when I create an Album Set and an Album in LR Publisher do I need to also create the same Album Set and Album in Backlight Publisher (not Templates - I need those). I kept getting an error Album Set not found in LR.


OK so I need to start again because when I remove Album Set and Album in Backlight Publisher LR says it cannot connect to the Album Set and shows a path which is cut off in a popup window so I can’t tell what it is. I’ll remove everything and start again.

Right. The general rule is that if you create (sets, albums, publish images) in Lightroom, you should delete from Lightroom.

An exception would be the text you add in copy areas. You can add text in Backlight Publisher and it will also appear in Lightroom Publisher. I find it easier to add text in Backlight rather than Lightroom so I’ll often create an album or a set in LIghtroom and write the text in Backlight Publisher.