Spacing Under Breadcrumbs

Would someone be able to help me reduce the spacing between the breadcrumbs and the “Main Copy”? The amount of space is the same as when working in backlight. Just wondering if there is a way to reduce it and where I mind find that.

In the Pangolin Album template under Breadcrumbs, there is a top/bottom padding setting.
Also in the Pangolin Page template, there is a top/bottom padding setting under Content areas that might affect how the breadcrumbs are displayed. I’ve not tested that, though.

If using Kookaburra, look at the Page template under Main > Breadcrumbs

If you only want to change the bottom spacing (either padding or margin), then that would require custom css.
If you want to try that, let us know. And include a link to an album so we know which design modules you’re using.

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Awesome Rod, thanks. It was the page template under margin top. In the album template under breadcrumbs there is only gutter and both of those were already set at 0.
Thanks for your help.

Hmm. There should be a setting for Padding top/bottom directly beneath Gutters.
Is your Backlight installation up to date?

There is nothing under gutter. I assume it is up to date as I just purchased on the weekend, but maybe not. I’ll check.

You’re not seeing this in the Pangolin album template?

Yes, that’s what I am seeing. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood, since the padding top bottom is in the gutter category. I thought there was a separate category I was looking for

The “Gutters” setting moves the breadcrumbs left/right to align with copy or the thumbnail grid.
Padding top/bottom adjusts the space above and below the breadcrumbs.