SQL Error Accessing My Site

My site has been working fine till this morning. I get the following message trying to view galleries or even logging into Backlight 3.
“Unable to find the SQLite module. Backlight 2 requires the PDO, SQLite and XML modules. Make sure that these modules are installed and enabled.”
Any ideas how to fix this?

If this is new, have you asked your hosting company if they’ve changed anything, perhaps updating php?
Let them know what modules need to be enabled.

For the life of me I cannot find anyway to contact tech support for Bluehost. I did manage to change the PHP version from 7.4 to 7.2 and my site is now working. Thanks for the reply.

That’s sad to hear. It used to be they’re support was easy to reach by phone, and that you always were able to talk to their actual engineers – the guys that configured their actual servers – and their support was amazing. That was before they were acquired, though, and support was farmed out to call centers in foreign countries, as is the norm.