Squarespace is purchasing Google Domains

Announced June 15, 2023, I feel it’s important to highlight this news for anyone who may be impacted. My advice, if you have domains registered with Google, is to transfer them to another registrar as soon as possible. FWIW, we’ve been using NameCheap. I can neither give them a glowing endorsement, nor condemn them in any way; they’ve been just fine, which is what I expect of a registrar.

Where I fall on this acquisition is that I was already using Google services for email, analytics, etc., and so it would make sense – already being a Google customer – to use Google as a registrar. And I had registered some domains with them in the past, before moving to NameCheap. I am not interested in suddenly becoming a Squarespace customer by acquisition, having thus far opted not to be a Squarespace customer.

Google’s sale of Domains to Squarespace feels like a violation of trust. And sadly, not the first time. I would love to unentangle myself from Google as well, but that would be difficult to do at this point.