Statistics on the About Page

I’m curious as to the stats appearing on the About page.
What is being counted for Topics and Posts?
I have used my phone for this reply, something that was not easy in the old forum

I’m not sure what About page or statistics you’re talking about?

Hi Matt,
The About page lists you, Ben, Rod and Daniel as admins and moderators then below that there is this;

The numbers don’t seem to tally with the numbers on the landing page. It might be my mathematics that is out.

Ah. I had to rummage around a bit to find that About page. I hadn’t clicked on that yet. The numbers looks about right to me.

The landing page shows 15 topics in the count column yet the stats show 30 as of just now?

Just wonder if it is a bug

Well, we’ve got 6 in a Staff-only column that you’re not seeing, and it’s looking to me like the count is time-gated. I see numbers like “4 / week” in the category list. So it seems to more a tally of activity than a total post count.

Blame my inquistiveness on my old job as a computer systems auditor!

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