Stats? Are there any?

Am just sat here wondering if there are any stats that we can get hold of, or could be incorporated into backlight on views of albums and individual images?

I know google webmaster can do this, I have this all set up years ago, but am wondering more on a local level, if this could be achieved by the developers of backlight???

Personally, I would find this very useful, as I am sure lots of other would too, to have some stats that are in realtime.

We’ve basically off-loaded that to Google Analytics for those who want to set it up.

Thanks Matthew, but do you think the gods that be, may re-introduce a basic set of stats for users?
Just asking if it could be added, as I like to see quick stats on my website, rather than having to go through google webmaster all the time.

You could use your Apache access_log files for simple tracking. There are many software packages out there that allow you to see how your site is being used. Before I started using Google’s tracking feature, I used Webalizer.

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As for doing stats within Backlight, it would be a lot of work, and that being work that doesn’t particularly interest me. I think it would also be of very niche value to the user base. And as there are external means for implementing analytics, I don’t think it would be time well-spent.