Stupid Wordpress question

Hi all,

if I enable “Excerpts on blog” all three columns are visible - menu on the left, posts in center but only the tiles, and some widgets on the right.
if I dissable “Excerpts on blog” only the posts in the center are visible but with images and text. And that’s exactly what I want to see but! with the menu on the left and the widgets on the right which are missing.
What do I have to do???

Thank you for your help.
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Do you mean this setting?

Hi Rod,

thank you for your prompt reply!

I think the following is what you mean:

I think @Matthew will need to look. I can’t replicate the behavior on my test site.
Are WordPress and Backlight up to date?

newest Wordpress, latest Backlight 4 :thinking:

Matt will probably need a link to the blog page

The setting should only impact the display of articles, not the page layout. Might be that you have some bad HTML in your articles that’s breaking the layout, like an unclosed DIV element or something. If you could provide a link to the broken page, should be easier to diagnose. But I don’t think there’s any issue with the WP Theme; I’m using it on TTG without any issue.

Thank you Rod and Matt,

it was actually a bug in the HTML code of one post.

I was able to fix it.

Thx again and best regards,