Styling disappears

Went to look at my site, this morning…

I noticed that for some reason, the top pallet has changed on the “About” page. There should be a logo on the left and a red square marked “MENU” on the right, as in all other pages.

Looking everywhere for the lost formatting.

There is a specific template for the “About” page. In Backlight/Designer/Templates, the main page (Pages-Pideja) lists 7 child templates and 2 pages while the “about” page template (Pages-a propos) lists only 1 page. But that template is based on the main template. Should it not keep all styling? The page displayed correctly until this morning.

Is the template assigned to the About page using the same phplugins file and custom css file as the template for the rest of your pages?

How the CSS file got changed is beyond me (like a lot of things!).
All’s well now that both templates use the same php and css files.

Thank you, Rod.