Suffix added to Filename


How do I prevent Backlight3 from adding a ‘_v1’ suffix to my JPG files?

I am finding that l end up with broken links because my filename has changed.


that’s probably from a virtual copy in Lightroom

Backlight doesn’t. Stop using Lightroom’s virtual copies.

I never use virtual copies.

Backlight3 appears to have added them to most of my albums.


82 out of 83 of my Travel > 2018 Chile - Atacama set have had ‘_v1’ added to them. (

None of the originals in Lightroom have a ‘_v1’ suffix.

when you create a new album there are check boxes. one is to include selected images. one is to make the album the target collection. And one is to create virtual copies. You’ve probably checked that one.

All my albums are Smart Albums…you don’t get that check box option with them.

Any chance that your smart albums are pulling from collections? When creating collections, there’s an option for creating new virtual copies.
Either way, as Matt said, Backlight is not creating the _v1 suffix, that’s coming from Lightroom.

In your Lightroom catalog, you won’t see _v1 appended to the file name, that only happens upon publishing. Instead you’ll see “copy 1” after the file name if you display the filename in the Library thumbnails. Otherwise, you’ll see it in the Metadata panel under the listed file name.

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Don’t use Collections either I’m afraid. Also my Library Thumbnails have the Filename showing all the time and there is/has never been a sign of any ‘copy 1’ suffixes.

However, I have recently had a pretty major catastrophe with my Dell Precision PC where Dell had to replace the motherboard, the 2 raid SSD’s and reinstall Windows! That obviously meant I had to reinstall all the programs which included TTG Publisher.

When I finally got it all up and running again my backups had missed a day so I had to redo some photos in my Churches > St Gennys album then republish them.

There were also several albums in TTG Publisher that had flagged themselves as needing to be republished. I also noticed that on my website quite a few, but not all, titles had reverted to the filename. So I republished them all to make sure all the metadata was refreshed.

I have St Gennys in two Album Sets, Churches > St Gennys and Albums > Church-St Gennys, both have ‘_v1’ suffixes. They are exactly the same photographs but they have been affected differently. In Albums > Church-St Gennys just the 5 photos that needed to be redone were affected whereas Churches > St Gennys had a duplicate of EVERY photo added to the set…really bad behaviour.

I have checked all my other Church sets and I think they are all OK except my All Churches set that has some of the St Gennys ones included. But my Travel > 2018-Chile-Atacama also appears to have been affected. The whole of that set, bar one JPG, has been changed to ‘_v1’ suffix. I didn’t have to redo any of those photos they were just republished.

I have also found the odd one or two in my Yesteryear album set that is still hidden as it is work in progress and I haven’t touched that set for months!

So it’s quite baffling as it seems to be random in some respects, some not affected, some adding duplicates, some just adding the suffix. Something is obviously happening at the Publish stage where either Lightroom or the TTG Publisher software is not fully recognising the photos that are already there within those albums.