Swiping large images

I know I’ve asked this a few years ago, but I still would like to know if or how we could « swipe » to go thru the large images in a gallery?

You can in the slideshow presentation

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FWIW, we consider the slideshow presentation to be the primary and preferred method of displaying images.

In fact, Kookaburra does not include single-image HTML pages as a presentation option (though, the pages still exist for permalink and SEO purposes), and I have already removed next/previous navigation from those pages for our next release, so that if one should land on that page, their only option is to return to the gallery page and use the slideshow.

I had found a way (or was it Daniel’s suggestion) to scroll thru the large images with the arrow keys.
Will this be also not a possibility with Kookaburra?

That was a phplugins function in pangolin phplugins for the Singe-Image presentation (Pangolin only).

Kookaburra slide show already has keyboard navigation.

The next update will fully remove the next/previous navigation buttons from single-image HTML pages in Kookaburra.

The slideshow presentation fully supports image navigation using on-screen buttons, touch-gesture swiping, and keyboard arrow keys.