Tab names or ID

I don’t remember and I can’t find what settings control the name that appears on each tab of my site. There are ACCUEIL, A PROPOS, Galleries, Recherche photo and CONTACT.

I’d like to make some changes. Looked into the menu items but that’s not it.

Any suggestions?

I assume you mean the browser tabs.
Those should automatically be filled by the page name and the Company Name (set in Backlight Settings):
Page Name - Company Name
For album sets and albums, it’s the title of the set/album entered in Publisher followed by the Company Name.
For single-page images (permalinks) it’s the image title followed by the Company Name.
If the image’s title metadata field is empty, then the image filename is used.

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Thank you Rod,
I found the Galleries assigned name in Publisher and successfully changed it to the French Galeries. However, the SEARCH page I can’t find. It’s presently indicating Recherche photo, but for uniformity, I’d rather have it indicate RECHERCHES only.
I looked into the Backlight settings, the Menu settings and the Template settings to no avail.
In the Publisher settings, the page has RECHERCHE as a title and a breadcrumb.

Look in Languages

So that’s where that control is! Thanks Rod.