The title does not appear in full


I have created an album in which I display the title under each picture, with metadata {title} (in the album setting -> Photo presentation -> captions). But some titles are not displayed in full, some letters are missing at the end.
I can’t figure out what the problem is. Maybe someone has an explanation?
You can see an example : []. The title normally is Irma’s passport - Catherine Ehrlich (Angleterre, She Writes Press, 2021)
Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Regine,

I can’t reproduce the problem. What version of Backlight are you using?

Do the captions seem to be cutting off after a certain number of characters?

Is there anything in the images’ Title fields that are common between images that are having captions cut off?

Have you tried republishing the images that are having problems?

Hi Rod,

I use Backlight 2.
The titles are cut off after 64 characters each time.
I’ve already tried to republish the images, but the problem remains the same.

I no longer have a Backlight 2 test site to look at. Is there anything in the album template that limits the number of characters in the caption?

Nothing limit the number of characters. I can only choose the text-align (center, right, left). And if I change this, it doesn’t make a difference.

Hi Rod,

I get around the problem : I put my text in the “caption” instead of the “title” : the text is not cut.
I’ll do it like this.

That is interesting. I was able to try an old Backlight 1 site as well as a current Backlight 4 site. No problems with long titles in either.

But that’s OK Rod, thanks for your help. As said, I’ll use the caption… :slightly_smiling_face: