The "Title" metadata item


Does the Title token in lilmited in the number of caracter? If yes, does it possible to change the limit. Thank’s JB

On a test page I just created a title that’s over 200 characters long. It works. I don’t know if there’s a limit, but give it a try.

Hi Rod, I have noticed some time that the text is truncated. Here enclosed some exemple (Kooka default album, token {Title}, Template Kooka default .Thank’s

I’m sorry, I misread and thought you were referring to the page title

I don’t know if there is a limit, but in the kook page template in the Slideshow > Captions area there are options to show a Text-overflow indicator as well as the Width of the caption.


The modification of the WIDTH item changes nothing.

For my part, the images are first exported by LR and then imported manually into BL. I don’t know if the “Photo Title” field is limited by LR on export , or by BL on import. It is still possible to modify manually the metadata tittle field in BL.

I get the same result when using the ‘title’ metadata field.
Turns out that the IPTC title metadata field is limited to 64 bytes (characters)

If you need more characters than that, use the Caption field.

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OK thank’s.