Theater Add-on HTML5 setup

I want to try hosting my own videos using the Theater Add-on because my videos are very short - roughly 6MB each - so I’m hoping that bandwidth won’t be a problem.

I followed the instructions for HTML5 video setup until I got to the part about Lightroom for which I have several questions.

Why am I going to Lightroom at all when I have uploaded my 3 video formats to the “videosrc” folder?

The instructions say, in Lightroom - Publish Services “create a new album” - but Publish Services does not create albums in Lightroom, it creates the connection to Backlight. And Publish Services in Lighroom does not contain the settings in either of the bullet points listed.

The first bullet point says in “Base Settings => Template select your template” and the second bullet point says in “Page Content”, supply the “Video ID” which I understand is the name of my 3 video formats without an extension.

“Base Settings” and “Page Content” appear to be referring to Backlight, but they are bullet points under “go to Lightroom”. How do I actually link the uploaded videos to the Theater Add-on?


Looks like the documentation needs a little refresh.

You can do everything in Backlight Publisher. There is no need anymore to use Lr Publisher. Go to backlight > publisher to create the new album for your video and then assign the video ID at the bottom of the Page Content section:

Thanks for the tip. Yes, the reference to LR has to be removed in the documentation. Also, the path to upload the videos to is not correct. After some experimentation I figured out that the videos go in the “videosrc” folder in the ROOT level, not in backlight\gallerlies\videosrc - folder as the documentation states. Since I have multiple videos I’m presuming that they have to all be in the “videosrc” folder and not in subfolders inside it.

Now, if I want more than one video on a page, how do I accomplish that since a single Album only has one video ID field. Can I make an Album Set of multiple Albums?


An album set with multiple albums is the way to go.