Thumbnail-based photo presentation without links

Is it possible to just use thumbnails instead of single-image pages or a slideshow for a photo presentation?
I would like to remove the links.

Not directly within Backlight. If you’re comfortable with php you may be able to use the album_top hook in phplugins and create you’re own grid.
See the phplugins-pangolin-sample. php file, starting at line 516 for an example.

You could try modifying the sample to exclude references to photos ($photo)

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Thank you very much.
I was just now trying it.
I would like to copy and paste the code from the original file to make the changes, is the original code in gallery_classic.php?

Yes, and no. Our PHP files contain the original code, but also our template code, which you will not be able to use. In general, you would have a better time inspecting the source code for your published website, copy-and-pasting any relevant sections, and editing that to implement your customizations.

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All right, I’ll give it a try.
Thank you very much.