Thumbnail border

Is it possible - in the thumbnail grid - to have a border only tight around the image? When I use the border option, BL also draws the border around the description under the thumbnail.
Thanks, Bob

Maybe with custom css
is this in an album or album set?
What presentation?
can you share a link?

Depends on the presentation type. For some, we’re using transparent borders to create space around the image. You’d need to examine the markup and styling to determine whether and where to apply your own borders.

The page is

It is built on Pangolin album set template (BL latest version). The presentation type is iconic.
For the albums I use Pangolin album template. Here I use Masonry grid. I would like to have borders around the thubnails here as well.

Use custom css.
For the album set:

figure .thumbnail {
	border: 1px solid white

for the ablums:

.gallery img {
	border: 1px solid white;

Hi Rod, Thank you, I added these lines in the CSS file, but there is no change …

I don’t see the code in your custom css file
Make sure you saved the file and uploaded it to the right place.

Hi Rod, it works! Looks great! Thank you so much for your support…


BTW, it does work on laptop, bur not on mobile device

It should. I still don’t see the code in your custom css file

I had to clear the browsers cache, after which the css file is reloaded. It now works on all devices. For the album set it looks great. For the individual albums it gives an undesired effect: extra borders as you can see in the attached screendump.

Are borders enabled in the album template? If so, set border width to 0

Yes, it was already set on 0

Have you tried clearing template cache? (link on Backlight’s Special Links page)

I just did, but no difference

I increased the size of the thumnails and that seems to work. In the Alaska album a few thumbs (that I republished) look good. It is horror to republish an album in LR, it takes ages (I noticd an earlier post on this issue).

No need to republish. The custom css just needs a little tweaking. I’ll be back…

change this:

 figure .thumbnail {
	border: 1px solid white;

to this:

#albums figure .thumbnail {
	border: 1px solid white;

YES :muscle: It looks great! Thank you, Rod.