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Curious, Rod, as it is there just above the cart modal styling. And you are on your workshop, so I doubly appreciate your weighing in. I’ll try the new version you recommended …

And, Daniel, I double checked, and there is only one “calendar” page.

And BRAVOOO … Rod’s imaginative css worked!

Thank you both for hanging in there with me. I never would have managed that on my own! At least I figured how to do a filmstrip theater gallery! :wink:

Take care, and have a great day,


Weird, right? When inserting an album, does the page slug get changed?

I just probably missed it then.

it looks like that’s exactly what happens. The album’s slug is “slugs-calendar1”

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Have to do something during wind-down time after a sunset :laughing:

Another idea occurs to me. As a sort of Backlight life-hack, you could create an album or album set to be used as a page – hide it from indexing, add it to your navigation – and then add an image as for any other album.

Thanks, Matthew and othrs. This is certainly curious, and now, the album has decided to show itself again. I can live with that, since the whole thing seems to have taken on a life of its own. In Lightroom, I can change the order of the images which I shall now do.

A dear friend once used the phrase “the perspicacity of inanimate objects” to mean, these things have a mind of their own sometimes! :rofl:

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I don’t see the album on that page.
Try clearing browser cache

Thanks, I had done that, and th browser behaved, and then… perspicacity of inanimt4 objects!

All’s well.

Hope your workshop is going well.

Take care,