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On Social Media, when I link to a certain page on our website, a thumbnail comes up, which is ujsually fine, but sometimes, I would like to choose a specific image. I remember reading somewhere that I need to create some sort of gallery from which the thumbnail can draw, but how do I do that? Sorry to be such a dolt.

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Calendar | Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures | "Seek your own vision, and create great photos!" is the page in question.

Hi Margo!

That album from which to draw thumbnails was for custom cover images to be displayed in album sets.

Thanks, Rod, as usual, but please remind this dolt how I should do this. Do I create a blind album that (I think) has no visible links, and what size do I make for those thumbnails, since they are … just thumbnails! And do I create them in 1:1 aspect ratio, since that is what seems to come up in Social Media?

Then, how do I link that to my calendar page?

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That album was never intended to be used for social media. It was just for album cover images in album sets.

But I think the trick was to give that album a certain slug, like custom_thumbnails or something like that.

Rod, again, thanks …

A custom slug sounds more like what I need. Has anyone here created one, and what is its code???

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The custom slug for that album was to enable it to be the source of custom thumbs for albums. no code needed

If you’re running a recent version of Backlight, then all of this conversation is irrelevant. See this:

Matthew, I’ll check it out, and thank you. I almost always am on the latest version of Backlight, so that is not an issue. I will experiment, as I do not want an album for my calendar page, rather a resource from which to draw images when I link to the URL on, say, FaceBook.

Thanks for weighing in!

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Images set as in the video will always be used as the “representative image” for the album or set.

Again, thank you, Matthew, but as noted above, I do not want an album for my page, only a resource when I link to the URL in, say, Facebook. This may not be possible. Is there a way to ahve an album associated with a page but not show up on the page???

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Just add an album with one image to the page and hide it. You can assign the album in the page designer. That should do the trick.

Thanks, Daniel, but now, I am going to ask a really dumb question … how do I hide that album while adding/assigning it to the page?

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You can hide the gallery using some custom css code. For your page calendar, the code would look like

.slug-calendar .gallery { display: none; }

Good luck!

Thanks, Daniel. Now I just have to beat the gallery into a size that is small and doesn’t take up so much blind space on the page. Off to the search box!

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display:none; should take it out of the document flow so it doesn’t take up space

Please use

.slug-calendar .the__gallery { display: none; }

to get rid of the gallery on your page. I might have used an old template when I tested it on my site. Sorry!

Thank you, Daniel and Rod. I believe we are getting closer, but not there yet. At least I was able to put a film-strip gallery at the bottom of the page to fill in the space but not to impinge on the information of the workshops offered.

I’ll fiddle some more. Meanwhile, I can live with this filmstrip theater gallery for the nonce…

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I don’t see the code Daniel provided in your css file.

but try this:

.slug-slugs-calendar1 .the__gallery { display: none; }

I’ve no idea why the slug class is named as it is, but that’s what’s showing in the body classes in the page source code.

Yesterday it was .slug-calendar. Maybe a page duplicate?