Thumbnails not showing in Masonry Essay 5.4.1

Morning Folks,

Just updated to Backlight 5.4.1 and thumbnail images are not showing on my Essay pages when layout is more than a single Image. The Thumbnails take up space and they can be clicked on to show the slideshow. Using the Inspector the info for the thumbnail is there you just cant see the image…

I have, Cleared browser cache, Cleared Template cache, used different browsers and edited, saved templates and page templates. No changes were seen. Normal Masonry pages work fine, only the Essay ones have an issue.

In this page the Single Thumbnail shows, all the others are not shown, but they all take up space!..

Any Ideas?


Kookaburra or Pangolin?

Kookaburra Rod

Looks like volvoxturbo has the same problem to me Rod

Sure does.

I am not yet able to reproduce this issue locally, but it looks like there is a JavaScript error in your album that is causing any following scripts not to execute.

I am investigating. In the meantime, are you running any custom JS on your page?

As a temporary fix, you can set this CSS:

div[data-presentation="masonry"] { opacity: 1 !important; }

I would like to figure out why JS is breaking on your page, though.

Can you please DM me an admin login for your Backlight?

Never mind. I’ve managed to reproduce the issue, and I believe I have a fix. I will ask Ben to push the hotfix to release. My apologies for the error.

The update is now live on the release stream. Reinstall the 5.4.1 update from the Backlight Modules page, and you should be good. Let me know how it goes, please.

Thanks Matt, All now working.

My humble apologies I have only just seen your messages, I was driving to a Customer. Thanks for sorting this out so quickly.


Glad to hear! Again, sorry for the problem in the first place. It only occurred with a specific set of conditions that I didn’t run up against during my testing.

Hi Matt,

works great, thank you!

Best regards,

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