Thumbnails Pallet Doesn't Show Image Containing Apostrophe in the Name

As it says in the title, the slideshow thumbnails pallet doesn’t show images that have an apostrophe in the file name, although it does supply an empty block on the display. This is odd as the album thumbnails and the slideshow images render correctly and, of course, they too have the apostrophe.

An easy fix?

Backlight 5.4.1, Lr Publisher 7.0.0, Pangolin template.

to be safe, file names should contain only letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores.
No spaces, quote marks, or special characters.

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Thanks @rod_barbee, I understand that. However, if apostrophies in file names are parsed correctly on album thumbnails and slideshow images, shouldn’t they also be on thumbnails pallet images?

I guess that depends on what the code allows for. Fancybox may not have an option that allows @Matthew a way to sanitize file names in the thumbnail pallet.

We use some library scripts not authored by us, and therefore cannot guarantee full compatibility in all places. This is why we provide best practices, such as for file naming, that should provide the best outcomes in all areas of the Backlight application.

Thanks @Matthew and @rod_barbee .

It’s easy enough to find photos with apostrophes in the name with Lr and fairly quick to rename and republish so I’ll take that route.

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