Timeout on editing a post

I was looking to edit an earlier post and discovered that there must be a timeout on ‘back-editing’ to prevent what we might call a ‘Cummingsism’ here in the UK.
What is the time limit on editing a post?

It looks like the defaults are 1440 minutes for trust levels 0 and 1, and 43200 for 2 and 3. Also, editing a post is locked to the user if a staff member edits it.

I like that last rule for moderation purposes. The timers, I can see the both sides. Thoughts? We generally do not have bad actors or trolls in the forum, so it might be fine to disable them, at least for higher trust levels.

Hi Matt,
I can see both sides also. What I was going to do was edit the content of my showcase post rather than reply to my own post. The alternative would be to delete it and create a new post
I concur with the locked Status if a moderator has edited a post.

Well, this is a good opportunity for an experiment. I’ve upgraded you to trust level 3, Tom. Are you able to edit that post now?

That worked a treat Matt.
I had assumed there were parameters for very good reasons.

They’re at default values; I’m still figuring out the defaults, and then the additional layer of how those settings might impact users and use of the forum.

I’ll keep ferreting around from this end to see what other use cases I can trip over.

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