Token in Album settings

I’m building with Backlight4 a new site for a swiss painter ( and I need some help to understand how to add metadata from LightroomClassic using specific tokens in editing Album template>Photo Presentation > Image Info (Pangolin Galeria).
For example in my album Encre de Chine below the image, I would like to show on the first row the title and the year of the painting and on the following row the medium, the dimensions and the catalog number of the painting.
To that effect I’m using the following tokens
1st row
{Title}, {IPTCSubjectCode}
2nd row
{Caption}, {Headline},{descriptionWriter} x {instructions} cm (Cat. No {JobIdentifier})

I have created a metadata preset in LRC using JF pluging to rename Adobe LRC metadata labels
as follows
{Title} is the title
{IPTCSubjectCode} corresponds to the year of the painting
{Caption} is the medium of the painting (oil, watercolor etc)
{Headline} is the support of the painting (canvas or paper etc)
{descriptionWriter} corresponds to the Width
{instructions} corresponds to the Height
{JobIdentifier} corresponds to the Catalog Number of the painting

In the past with TTG CE4 I had no problem in using the tokens. But with Backlight 4 apparently my metadata of my paintings are missing.
Thanks for any help.

Did you add these tokens to the template after initially publishing?
If so, be sure to republish the images.
Also, for tokens, use:
{SubjectCode} rather than {IPTCSubjectCode}
{Instructions} rather than {instructions}
{DescriptionWriter} rather than {descriptionWriter}

(see the token documentation)

after making the above changes, be sure to republish.

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Many thanks for your help. You solved my problem. It is not straightforward to implement for the first time the use of tokens in displaying metadata from Lightroom Classic catalog.
I started from zero by deleting from TTG Publisher in LRC all published albums. I edited the corresponding elements within the Album Starter Classic template with the appropriate tokens and then I republished all my albums. The result is perfect.
Thanks again.