Top-level page is inisde a folder

I want to create a managed by Lightroom top-level page that is not connected to any existing top-level pages in my Backlight 5 site. I have tried several times to do this and every time it places the content inside an existing top-level set (the same wrong URL path every time).

I created a new top-level set, a new page, and new templates. However, no matter what I do Lightroom puts the new album inside the wrong top-level set.

I also see that when Lightroom publishes the content it creates it’s own Album in Backlight in the wrong place - it’s not using the one I created in the location I created it even though I have selected it when I created the album in Lightroom’s Publisher. If I’m creating new Published content from Lightroom, how many pages, album sets, and albums do I need to create in Backlight? I just want one standalone page. I don’t need an album set page.

It would be great if you guys had more “how to” videos of various scenarios.


What is the name of the new top-level folder you’re wishing to publish to?
In Lightroom Publisher in your Publisher settings, what is the name of the Top-level sets directory?

I’m not clear what you mean. Are you first creating an album in Backlight Publisher and then trying to publish to that album from Lightroom?

If publishing via Lightroom’s Publish Services, then you need only to create templates in Backlight. At minimum, you will want:

  • a page template
  • an album set template
  • an album template

In Lightroom, each instance of the publisher is tied to a top-level set. Therefore, if you wish to have multiple top-level sets, then you should right-click the publisher, duplicate it, and edit the new instance to use a separate path.

To be clear, you should NOT create albums or sets in Backlight before using the Lightroom publisher.

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Thanks for the info. What I missed was when I created a new instance of Publisher in Lightroom I didn’t notice that there is a form field for “top-level sets directory” and it was set to the folder that I created the last time I used it - which was the said wrong folder.

I had to create a Page Template in Backlight first in order for it to be in the Template list when I created the album in Lightroom.

So, I see that the top-level part of the URL is set in LR Publisher, and then the Album in Publisher has its own slug so I guess you can’t put the album in the top-level.

You can put it in the top-level set, but not the top level of the site (at the same level as index.php)
You can, however, embed a Pangolin based album into a page, like the Home page or any other page created using a Pangolin template.

Right, albums need to be inside of a set. However, you can create a permalink alias for the album. Watch this:

That’s perfect, Matt - thanks.