Trying to build a Theater Video Album Set_keep getting memory exhausted error

Oh, boy, I’m pretty good at using TTG but I think I need some quick help from Ben or Matthew or somebody Using TTG Theater, …

I have a few working videos using Album and one using Album Set, that those work great … so I know how to stumble through the Backlight Docs talking about uploading to a videosrc folder on my server. I kind of know how all that works, but I’m getting an error this time when I’m trying to create a VIDEO Album Set.

I get this exhausted memory error, before I even try to point to a video.

→ “Unable to save settings: Something went wrong on the server.”

or this error

→ “Something went wrong Unexpected error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in PdoExtended.php on line 161”
Please report error at

→ And then after I try to add a Video ID _______ I get error: " Unable to save settings. Error 200. "

Maybe it’s a server issue, but I have emptied TTG template cache and deleted Video Album sets and started over and I did reinstall all the TTG modules, …this has got me stumped but I bet
somebody over there knows just how to fix this. -Thanks in advance.

…gary in austin, tx
The TTG site is

have you tried increasing the memory limit? I think you can do that in the php.ini file. Search the file for memory_limit

Rod, you’re always quick to help. Thanks.

I thought the same thing, almost like it’s timing out or crashing, but the video is a really
small one. And it’s always the same 1 of 2 errors.

My php settings are all the highest I can choose.



and the .mp4 video I’m trying to point to in the videosrc folder is only 82MB.

I tried PHP 8.3 today and went back to PHP 8.2.

I wonder if maybe it’s an php extension that’s not installed,
I changed server companies a few months ago, …to Hostinger.

@Ben will have to answer that

Okay. Ben?

Now I notice no matter what I do, even typing in a word or saving a change to a Video Album, I get the error.

" says
Unable to save settings. Error 200. OK "

You’re using BL5?
is everything up to date?

Hi @gary_in_austin, this may have something to do with an album set referring to itself as a parent. Would you be able provide me with a Backlight admin login so that I can check the database for this?
The best way is by clicking on my profile name followed by ‘Message’.

Also, which album or album set is having this issue?