Two album questions

My 24-hour-old Backlight installation is coming along nicely and I am very grateful for the support I got yesterday in this forum. Now I have three little questions, all dealing with the Default Album and publishing via Lightroom:

  1. I am still getting some sample text “Lorem ipsum” above the images on all my albums. I have deleted from every place I could find, but am stumped.
  2. How do I put individual captions under images in an album?

Thanks again. Herb

1: That text is probably coming from the template copy. Either edit the template to remove it or edit the album and change the copy display setting to ‘Replace template copy”
(page content > main copy > Main Copy Placement) the album template under Thumbnail grid, go to Metadata Display and enable. Enter the Metadata Tokens for the metadata you want to share.
For captions under the large images, go to the Captions section of the Photo Presentation section of the album template.

You will need to republish existing images. you can save time by editing the TTG Publisher settings and checking the ” Push metadata without updating existing photos” checkbox.

It is so straight-forward when you describe it. Thank you again.

I experienced a little glitch. Two of the first four albums I uploaded each had one missing caption (the field I am using) even though the caption field in LR looks fine and repushing the metadata did not help.

Any thoughts on what could cause that or is there a way to hack the caption in since it looks funny to have a single image in the whole album without a caption?

hard to tell without seeing anything. Can you share a link to an album?
What text do you have in the captions that are missing?

Thanks for offering to investigate further, Rod, but it seems to be working fine. I had to remove some captions from LR, add them back and then publish the metadata and they all came through. Additional albums I have since uploaded all worked perfectly. So I will write that one off as a false alarm. Herb

good to hear