Two backlight installs on same domain get their URL's mixed up


Update: I have tried to clean the instances of Backlight with the “Special links” tools, which seem not to have helped. I have also deleted Chrome cookies. Some serious cross issues which is causing album set thumbnails to link to the other instance, buttons to misbehave or switch to the other instance persist. Even if I use Firefox which cleans cookies on exit. From this it seems that some things could have been mixed up in the databases.

I have a backlight install on and on

Somehow pressing the menu galleri button etc. going back and forth on the photoblog site causes the content from the billedarkiv site to show up.

On the billedarkiv site the content are also mixed up with that of the Photo-blog site and vice versa.

I can’t figure out why this happens. I have checked that the home URL in settings are correct.

As this totally messes up SEO this is a serious problem. So I hope there is a solution to this.

/ Steen

I can’t reach either site. I get a Server Cannot Be Found error.

Did you take the sites down?

Anyway, check your Menu Sets

Were both sites created independently? You didn’t copy one site to create the other?

Hi Rod

The two sites are here, I can see them:

They were both installed individually.

I dont think it has anything to do with menu sets as the URL’s that are getting mixed up are all over the place, pictures, top-logo, buttons etc.

I have spend a huge amount of time setting these two instances up, so how do we diagnose this and get it running?

/ Steen

If you want to message Backlight admin credentials for both sites to me, I can take a quick look to see if I spot anything obvious.

To send a private message, click on my name above the click on the Message button.

I see the problems happening. For example, I click on Kontact on the billedarkivet site and get taken to the contact page on the photo-blog site. When I hover over the Kontact link, the url preview shows that it’s going to the photo-blog site too.

Do you have any redirects going on in your .htaccess file?

It looks like the site url is not set properly in It looks like it’s instead of

As Daniel suggests, there is a difference between the two site urls in settings.

In the billedarkiv site it’s:
In the photo-blog site it’s:

When I first logged in to Backlight in the billedarkiv site, I ended up in the backlight setting for the photo-blog site. I backed out and logged in again and was taken to the billedarkiv Backlight back-end.

somehow, there’s some crossover happening. That’s why I’m wondering about a redirect in .htaccess

@sknarberg I don’t want to go making changes on your site without permission. But the first thing I would try is to change the site URL on the billedarkiv site to

then clear template and browser cache. You may also need to update album files

Hi Rod

I have just checked, there are no redirects in .htaccess.

But what is much worse is, that if I use the Special Links in /billedarkiv/ the URL for all tools including “Update Album Files” points at the URL in the /photo-blog/ site. So something really weird is going on.

Also the /billedarkiv/ install is an old instance installed a year ago, whereas the /photo-blog/ was installed two weeks ago.

/ Steen

Hi again Rod

I downloaded the database and se no reference to /photo-blog/ in the /billedarkiv/ data.

But if I rename the photo-blog folder it messes the /billedarkiv/ up. So there must bes some reference in /billedarkiv/ to crucial files in /photo-blog/.

/ Steen

did you try changing the site url in the billdarkiv site as suggested above?

if that doesn’t work, @Ben will need to take a look. He’ll likely need ftp along with Backlight access.

I’ve created lots of sites in sub-folders and sub-domains of my main site and have never run across this problem. Life it’s not a setup error then it’s probably a server configuration problem that Ben would need to look at.

Hi Rod

I fixed it I think.

What I did was to renamne the /photo-blog/ folder to make sure there could be no cross referencing and then I updated everything with the Special Links tool. Then I renamed the /photo-blog/ folder back to it’s real name.

What I think has happened is that chrome had cached some of the files identical in both folders and in some kind of operation, maybe while both instances were active, updated the wrong files.

It also turn out that my domain is not a www domain, so the URL is just

/ Steen

glad it’s working.

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Thanks, me too :smiley::+1: