Two More Question from a New User

  1. I remember seeing in a YouTube demo video from Matt a button in the upper-right to make the page full screen, hiding the browser controls. But I do not see such a button on my pages. Do I need to turn it on someplace?
  2. I see an album setting to not allow downloads, but even after setting it accordingly, a right-click permits an image download albeit small in size. Is there a way to disallow any download of my images? Herb
  1. I think that was a specific type of album. Maybe Galleria or Theater’s Vegas slideshow

  2. The download setting allows for downloads of image renditions specifically created for the purpose (like higher resolution versions). The behavior you’re seeing is just how browsers work. You can disable that with some javascript implemented through phplugins, but all that does is disable the right-click context menu. Anyone who really wants to can grab those images pretty easily.

Actually I found the full screen button in default – once I recognized it! Thanks for the explanation regarding image downloads.