Unable to find Publisher. Please check that the API URL is correct. But Subdomain works

my Publisher cant connect to my Site. But Subdomain with same Setting works. I double checkt spelling 10 times but cant get to work. Does anyone got an Idea?


make sure that the Site URL in Backlight also starts with https
Also check that the API key matches

Did it. It worked seamlesly with CE4.

what about the API Key? Have you checked that they are the same between the Publisher instance for that site and the key entered in Backlight for that site?

The easiest thing to do is to come up with a new API key and just copy/paste it into the fields in Backlight and Lightroom Publisher.

Did it several times. Unable to find Publisher.
I just lost my Hairs :wink:

Hi @fotofred, I have sent you a message. Are the credentials that work for me exactly the same as what you’re using?

Hi @fotofred, thanks for your reply about the different domain.

The issue is that clean URLs are not working on this domain. Is this on the same host and server as your other sites?

A workaround is to use the following for the Publisher API URL: https://fotofred.de/backlight/?m=publisher


The authentication check was successful

Fantastic Ben, back in Bussiness!!!
Thx a lot!