Unable To Get Cover Image To show

After uploading my latest album, I cannot get the album image to display.

Regardless of whether I choose random image or custom image the album thumbnail does not display.
I have re-installed all modules (v3.2.1), cleared the cache, re-uploaded the index files but no joy.

Changing the settings from managed by Lightroom to managed by Backlight didn’t help either.
I have changed the slug name, deleted the album (in lightroom) re-published using jpegs only (some of the original files were heic) and also created an album solely using backlight, but again won’t display.

php version all OK too so now lost!

Used multiple browser on multiple devices, still no good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Kim.


I suspect it’s because of the apostrophes in your file names, e.g. Gail's-B'Day-Nov-2021---0011.jpg. Please name your files without using punctuation characters (underscores and hyphens are okay; naught else).

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Thank you Mathew I recall this being a problem in the past it’s just come to me now when you’ve mentioned. Your help is appreciated, as always