Unable to upload any images

I get the following error message:

The photo could not be uploaded: Unexpected error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes) in ImageResizer.php on line 52

Images sizes are all less than 1000 kb and the error occurs on new albums as well as adding photos to existing ones. upload is by Backlight 5.4. I have re-installed all modules.

I have two other sites at version 5.3 that work correctly. All are hosted on InMotion. How can I revert my problem site to 5.3?

You may need to increase the upload_max_filesize setting in your php.ini file

Are you using Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher?

Backlight 5.4. I increased to 512 After the problem several months ago with verticals. This seems like that issue (which was not resolved) is now affecting all uploads. It seems like I have a corrupted installation. How can I do a uninstall and then reinstall

You can reinstall any modules from the links on the Backlight Modules page.

Are you using Backlight Publisher? Is it resizing images? Is it making any other renditions?

Not using Backlight Publisher. I have reinstalled the modules twice. How can go back to 5.3

I don’t know that you can.

When you Publish with Lightroom, are you publishing a Master image and then having the renditions made? That might eat up memory on the server.

@Ben will probably need to take a look. He’ll might need Backlight admin credentials and possibly FTP access.

Only publishing with Backlight. My other sites are 5.3 and work properly. Images I can upload to them will not upload to the 5.4 site. So either 5.4 has a problem or I have a bad install that does not get repaired with a module reinstall. Can I do a clean install with a download of Backlight,?

You can go to yoursite.com/backlight/installer and run the installer again.

That gets me a Backlight 2 install. I’ve been using Backlight since CE4. My current install is an upgrade to Backlight 4. What PHP version is required?

Resolved - User error. Rod I appreciate your help.

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I’m glad you resolved it. A couple of points for future reference:
The message of 33554432 bytes corresponds to a setting of 32M (dividing 33554432 by 1024 twice).
The Backlight installer will install the latest version of Backlight that you’ve purchased. So if you use the installer you’d downloaded with Backlight 2, it will install Backlight 5 (if you have purchased that).