Unexpected Error - line 31

Sorry to bug, but I’ve just tried to update my Backlight 123 site to Backlight 4, but received the following:

Unexpected error: Undefined index: status in list_users.php on line 31


Did you upload the new index.php and .htaccess files?

Hi Rod,

Yes I believe I did.

However I messed up initially… long story:

  1. This is a sub domain site
  2. I “moved aside” everything but custom and data folders which I found in /backlight
  3. Then I messed up and uploaded the unzipped folders to /backlight instead of /sub-domain
  4. instead of a the normal “dashboard” type interface I was faced with a Text based interface, which I completed and “saved”, before realising my error.
  5. I then moved aside all unwanted files and folders again, leaving only those as instructed and uploaded the unzipped items, the new index.php and .htaccess a second time
  6. This time around on install, I received message do I want to over write existing files, which I did.
  7. This time the installation process was shorter than previous.
  8. started backlight logged in with my old user and password and received the error message

Sorry for the long winded reply - not sure whether its relevant context…

Hi @GeorgH, the user status field was added in Backlight 2 and should have been automatically added when you first logged into Backlight after upgrading the files.

Can you provide me with a Backlight admin login by clicking on my username here and sending a message? It may also be helpful to have FTP access, but I can take a look via the Backlight admin first to see what may be wrong.

Hi @GeorgH, I’ve had a go at fixing your site. It looks like the database was already upgraded to version 4.1 but for some reason had a version of 1.9.1 (a transition version number between 1.2.3 and 2.0.0 during the Backlight 1 to 2 upgrade). I’ve changed the version to 4.1.0 and your admin now seems to be working properly.

A couple of other things:

  • your home page uses Pangolin Theatre but you don’t have this module in Backlight 4. I believe that you’d need to repurchase this, as the version that shipped with Backlight 1 is a different product to that which has shipped since @Matthew, can you confirm?
  • Your /galleries directory doesn’t include any of the galleries that Backlight thinks should be there. Did you miss transferring these?

Thank you so much Ben,
I’ll only get to verify this tomorrow, but just wanted to acknowledge the excellent support response from the TTG team.

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Yes, the Theater add-on would need to be repurchased to replace the Backlight 1 version. From Backlight 2 onward, such upgrades are automatic and at no cost.