Unexpected error on line 66

I’ve been attempting to upload images to my website with intermittent results. I get an error message, "Unexpected error: Undefined variable: templateVersion in page.php on line 66

Please report error at https://discourse.theturninggate.net".

I’m up to date on the Backlight 4 upgrades and in fact, just reinstalled all modules. I was able to get some images to post after the reinstall but then it went back to what appears to be getting hung up in the uploading process. The images appear to upload and are present on my website but only the data assigned to each image is visible. If it helps, I’m on a PC with windows 10 and am using Capture One to process images. Any ideas?

what template are you using for that album?
Have you tried publishing using a different template?

Yes, I just did. I got the same message referring to line 66.

are you perhaps using an old Okapi page template for your album template?

I tried different templates. I use 2 templates 1. Okapi Album and have 10 albums. 2. “1st Album in Galleria”-my title. I have 8 albums. The problem occurs with both templates. Also, the problem is intermittent. I deleted one album and started over with a different template. I was able to upload about 5 images then I experienced the same problem. The problem occurs with both sources Lightroom and backlight. The photos upload but do not show up on my site. There is a reference to the photos but no photos. It appears to get hung up and I just get the circle going in circles. Hope this makes sense.

If it’s happening both with Lightroom Publisher and Backlight Publisher, that points to something at the server or in Backlight. @Ben will need to take a look.
You can save some time by sending him Backlight admin login credentials. He may also need FTP access.
You can message him by clicking his name (@Ben) and then click on the Message button.

I would also update your Okapi templates to use Pangolin instead.