Unexpected Error

Hello, we noticed an strange error message pop up today on the web site
Unexpected error: Module ‘pdo_sqlite’ already loaded in Unknown on line 0

Any ideas what this could be ?

we use Web Hosting Hub


Have a look at this thread: Strange new error on home page on one of my sites

Thanks Daniel, my host updated PHP to version 7.4 and that fixed it.

Ahhh new problem now. in the client gallery. Another unexpected error


I’m not seeing the error. If it’s different from what you reported above, please start a new topic.

Just been fixed. My host went to PHP version 7.4 and fixed the first home page error but that caused an error in the CRG index page. They have gone back down to 7.3 but said if I want to upgrade in the future the developer will need to update the framework to work with higher versions of PHP. To fix the CRG index page they did some coding and php.ini changes and disabled the call to it. I have no idea what that means :slight_smile:
Maybe Backlight 3 has this sorted with PHP 7.4 ? I’m on Backlight 2

Hi @paulo, Backlight 2 should fully work on PHP 7.4. The error you encountered above was fixed in Backlight 2.0.13, back in January. Can you visit the Backlight Modules page in your Backlight admin and check that you have the latest updates installed?

Hi Ben, My WP theme hasn’t been updated also the Okapi web modules - standard album-standard album set -standard page hasn’t been installed. Everything else is up to date.