Unpossible to login


I have a problem with my login. I could not login and if i try to resset my Password, i get no passwordlink. Matthew send me already a link how to go inside to the Folders but then when i resend the pw, i still get no email.

Thank you for your feedback, best regards ROMAN

Be sure to check your spam folder to see if the emails are there

I know that it could be possible, but there are no mails :wink:

is this a brand new installation or an upgrade. If an upgrade, what version are you upgrading from?
Can you post a link to the site?

I order de Software 12weeks ago. Now i had 7 or 8 galleries of my customers there.

The Site is: https://www.romanschaller.ch/besucher/backlight/admin/login/

I’m assuming this is the page Matt sent you to?

Were you able to go to the log file and copy the password reset url and paste it into a browser?

Yes i did it and got the same message in the browser-window:
A link to reset your password has been sent to your email.

But there is no email… Can i contact you by mail, what to do next, because it takes such a long time with the forum. Thank you Roman

that’s not how that’s supposed to work. That link should take you directly to a page where you can reset the password. You shouldn’t be getting any message about an email.
When you download and open that log file, you should see something like this:

copy the link and paste it into a browser.

When i change the password, i got a new message. And i still get no message to my email :wink:

The Unlock Link will also be added to the latest log file in backlight/data/admin/. The link will look something like

[09-Nov-2020 13:02:41] TRACE: To unlock your account, visit the following link: https://yoursite.com/backlight/admin/unlock/abcdef01234567890abcdef01234567890/

Thank you, now it works!

Hi Ben,
I got the same problem, I locked myself out of my backlight 3 backend.
In my recent log-file, I cannot find any string like the one above.
The most recent line starts like this:
[07-May-2020 15:58:20] ERROR: join(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters

I remember initially having duplicated an existing backlight-Project to not being forced to start from the very beginning… could this be a problem? Any way I was still logged in and working on the new site last year. Unfortunatly all password combinations failed… althought I had them written down.

Was the existing project a Backlight 3 installation?
You could try running the installer again by going to yoursite.com/backlight/installer and reinstalling Backlight 3.
After install, your backlight site login credentials may or may not work.
Try the Forgot Password link again.
If the email doesn’t arrive, try looking at the log again.

Thank You for thought and response.
• Yes, always Backlight 3
I even managed to find my Installation ID and I could then reinstall as you suggested.
Then I reached a step further in reset-process… my login name and E-Mail seemed to be accepted…
but I did not recieve any email.
There werent any new log-in files created

OK… Thanks again…
As I now new my valid username… I could try some more passwords and I managed to login.
Thank you Rod