Unrequested translations of keywords. Solved

I have a weird problem - when I tell BL to print my Swedish keywords in a slideshow, I’m getting English translations as well !!
Now, I have previously used the Translate plugin from lightroomstatistics.com. But not for this image, and according to the author of the plugin, all translations are kept within the plugin if they are not incorporated into the LR keywords for the image, so he can’t explain it.
As you can see, they are only two keywords visible in LR, and exporting to a jpeg also shows there are not more in the metadata. But still the translations appear in the slideshows, including this clean test show, with a clean image. Restarting LR doesn’t help.
It’s a minor problem when I ask colleagues to check my translations, as I have to tell them to ignore some words, but mostly I’m curious how the extra words can find their way into Backlight.
Any ideas what’s going on?

Screenshot 2020-11-28 at 13.13.44 Screenshot 2020-11-28 at 13.15.36 Screenshot 2020-11-28 at 13.19.05 ?

Haven’t seen this happen before.
Can you share a link to an album so that Matt and Ben have something to look at?

Here’s the test case I made : http://frozentime.se/slu/test

Can you disable the translate plugin and try creating another album?
I’m wondering if the plugin is creating the extra keywords when publishing the albums and those keywords are sent to Backlight’s database without being embedded in the jogs.

Another test to try to isolate the cause is to publish an album using Backlight Publisher.
First export an image without translated keywords. Double check the exported jpg to make sure.
Then publish with Backlight Publisher using the same album template.

The image contains the both the original and translated keywords:

This type of translation is not done by Backlight. Did you export the image before? Check the update settings in Lr Publisher.

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I found the issue, and it’s my problem. I didn’t know about Lightroom’s keyword synonym function, and so didn’t realise the implications of leaving the “Add translation as synonym” option selected in Translate, and hadn’t discovered the “Will export” option in LR, so wasn’t seeing the synonyms in LR.
Translate has a default option to make synonyms, and I didn’t realise the implications of leaving that checked.


Good detective work @rod_barbee and @Daniel.

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