Unwanted Cart icon on home page

I recently upgraded my site from CE4 to BL4. I’m happy with the result and glad I finally took the plunge. The new site is www.fourwallsphoto.com

I recently added back cart functionality from my old site (I kept all the old galleries and upgraded the cart), and everything works as it should. However, there is a small issue with the cart icon appearing on my home page, even though the home page is not using a cart-enabled gallery. The strange thing is that it is not consistent, except when someone is visiting my site for the first time.

Since I want new visitors to focus on my site and its images, and not worry that they have just bought something, how do I stop the cart icon appearing on my home page. It happens for me whether it is empty or not, but not all the time. For new visitors, it’s obviously already empty, but always shows the icon. Strange.

Well, that’s a new one. I visited the site and saw the icon too.

You can try a few things to see if the they help.
From the Special Links page (Admin > Special Links), try clicking on the Update Album Files link as well as the Clear Template Cache link.

Also try reinstalling the Cart from the Backlight Modules page. Maybe click on the Reinstall All link as well.

It is bizarre. None of those suggestions seemed to have helped, although the behavior seems to change somewhat. What is peculiar is that upon first visit still, the cart icon shows. If I immediately refresh the page it goes away. If I put something in the cart, it always shows regardless.

I would prefer for the cart to never show on my home page.

The intended behavior is for the shopping cart icon to appear on all pages if something is in the cart. This is so your customer can get to their cart no matter what page they’ve subsequently browsed to. (you wouldn’t want to lose a sale because someone went to your home page and then couldn’t figure out how to get to the cart to check out)

@Ben will need to take a look to see why it’s appearing with nothing in the cart.

If you don’t want it to ever appear on your home page, even if someone added something to the cart, that can be accomplished with custom css.

But after that is solved, if you never want

No, you are right Rod I would want it to behave that way or I would risk losing sales. I would just not like to see it empty upon first visit

And it shouldn’t be there. Strange.

I think there is a discrepancy with fourwallsphoto.com vs www.fourwallsphoto.com. Once I try to access fourwallsphoto.com, the empty cart disappears when I access the www site again.

What is your url site setting in backlight/admin?


That might just be coincidence Daniel. I find that the first time I go to my site, the cart is there, but when I refresh the page it disappears again… But if not, is there a way to address this aspect?

Yeah, there might be nothing to this. Maybe @ben or @Matthew have an idea why reloading the page makes the empty shopping cart disappear, or really, why it is there in the first place.

Unrelated: I would try to get a ssl certificate for your site. Many hosts now include this for free. Google ranks secure sites higher than others and it provides users with the familiar closed lock sign in the browser.

You really should do this. In Brave browser, I’m not getting warnings about your site being unsecure, and the browser is not liking loading your page at all. Just a very long spinner …

Hmm, it works for me with Safari, Chrome, and Safari mobile.

Point taken about the ssl, I will have to figure that out.

Any pointers for this? I just spent the last 30mins cursing Bluehosts cPanel instruction pages. It appears my site is already using ‘AutoSSL’ and yet I don’t see that my domain nor my sub-domains start with https when I load them up…

If you use https://fourwallsphoto.com/ to go to your site, it works. So I believe the certificate is already active.
Try changing your site url to https://fourwallsphoto.com/ and then go to the Privacy section of Settings and enable Automatically Redirect Browsers To https

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OK, thanks, I just did that, except using www. in front of the fourwallsphoto.com

I think that’s working, although I think my browser is still sometimes caching to the insecure version.

But the original problem is still there :frowning: (of the empty cart on the home page)

That’s behaving as designed. It exists so that, If folks have items in their cart, they can access their cart from anywhere on the site. If you want to hide it on a specific page, or for a specific template, then you’ll want to implement some targeted CSS. Check out the body element of your page:

<body class="pangolin type-page template-id-19 pages-template-id-6 pages-template-identifier-home album-template-id-16 slug-album-theater cart-unready crg-unready" data-layout="1col right">

You’ll see that it’s dressed up with a lot of classes relevant to your design choices. For example, this being your Home page, you can use “pages-template-identifier-home” to target this page specifically.

body.pages-template-identifier-home #cart-widget {
  display: none !important;

Hi @Matthew,
the problem Jim is having is that the cart icon appears on the home page (with no items in the cart) when someone firsts visits the site.

But when reloading the page, the empty cart icon is hidden as expected.

The strange thing is my development sub site (doricportraits.com) did not and still does not exhibit this behavior (empty cart showing on home page for first visit in a session only)