Unwanted message on cart checkout page

How do I get rid of this text at the foot of the cart checkout page (I don’t believe I added this myself): "Note: orders with digital purchases may only be made through Paypal."

You can delete the text string TEXT_PAYPAL_ONLY in Backlight > Cart > Settings > Languages > US English.

Wow, that is a treasure trove of options I never found before! Unfortunately, any change I make disappears after I save… Ie, re-visiting this backlight settings page after editing indicates reversion back to the default message.

In Cart Settings there are also some options under checking out that might affect whether that’s displayed or not.
And custom css can probably be used for this too.

I’m pretty sure I used custom css on my site to get rid of that message. I can look in the morning and post it.

Or maybe just use  

Following css code should do the trick as well:

.checkout-warning {
    display: none;

This did the trick! Don’t know why it needed black magic though to edit out that message, but I’m grateful nonetheless, thx.