Update to Backlight 5 and use Publisher for Lightroom Classic? What to consider


i am currently on Backlight 4.1 and intend to update to Backlight 5.

In addition I am looking to change from the Backlight Publisher to Lightroom Classic with Lightroom Publisher.

Is it possible to contuct such a migration without loosing my site/structure?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Best regards, Martin

One consideration is that any album or set created with Backlight Publisher (other than the top-level set) needs to continue to be managed by Backlight Publisher, they can’t be transferred to Lightroom control.
If you need everything to be managed by Lightroom, you’ll need to delete albums/sets created with Backlight Publisher and republish using Lightroom Publisher.

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thank you very much for the hint.
With that I will stay with Backlight Publisher. Makes sense.

Regards, Martin