Update trouble - large image page not available

Updated to Backlight 4 this morning. Quite straightforward, as advertised. But since then, the large image page returns a 404 error! I installed the latest Publisher plug-in (v6.0.0) to no avail.
Accessing the large images thru Backlight/Publisher/GALERIES/Albums/Album name/view* is possible. As an example:https://pideja.ca/galleries/01_duceppe/2002-2003/passe_anterieur/DUC030218_Db-single.php
But, directly from the site https://pideja.ca/galleries/01_duceppe/2002-2003/passe_anterieur/DUC030218_Db-single.php, I get the 404 message.
What did I do wrong?


I re-published the last album uploaded and all the images of all the albums are visible as single large images.

Sorry for the false alarm, although at the time…

There is a sequel!

After re-publishing the entire catalogue, the single image page of every image of all galleries displayed fine…on the large computer monitor (1920x1080).
However, checking up on the mobile late last night, I discovered that the large single image displayed a 404 error! So, I re-checked the site on the computer only to find that I now have the 404 error again!
Re-installed Publisher plug-in v6.0.0, cleared the Backlight and browser cache and re-published a few galleries…still that 404.

I am at a loss to fix this…(https://pideja.ca)

Have you tried clicking the Update Album Files link in the main Backlight dashboard?

I’m seeing the same problem on one of my test sites. Updating album files did not fix it.

It’s happening on all single image pages (permalinks)

Again, after re-checking everything, clicking the Update Album Files link in the main Backlight dashboard, the images are back on the computer but not on the mobile.

Are you logged into Backlight when viewing on computer? I just found that if I’m logged into Backlight, the albums work as normal. But if I’m logged out I get the 404 error.

That’s exactly my situation. Images display only thru Backlight but not thru the specific site. In fact, I administer a few other sites that I updated to Backlight 4 and all of them display the same error!

Same here. I’ve reported it.

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Hi Pierre,
Ben just applied a fix. Can you try reinstalling module-publisher from your Backlight Modules page?

I will re-install the Publisher plug-in. Should I download a “fresh” copy? Also, what should I do with all those obsolete Publisher plug-ins? They are not activated, of course, but could they cause trouble?

Not the Publisher Lightroom Plugin.
Reinstall module-publisher by clicking on the “reinstall” link in the Backlight Modules page.

Now I’m seeing a side effect: the metadata panel info is now somehow creeping into the single page presentation…

Reinstalled module-publisher and…success! All sites I manage, on computer or mobile behave as expected.
Thank you, Rod and Ben.

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Looks like there is another issue, like the extra metadata below the images. Somehow the new metadata panel is creeping into the Single Page presentation.
But at least the images are back.

Hi @rod_barbee, that is by design.

Ok. I see that now. I thought it was just for Slide show.

But now I find that I can’t turn it off (Single Image templates only). I tried disabling it in the template and then republishing metadata. Also tried clearing template cache and updating album files.

Once it’s there, I can’t turn it off. (In Single Image presentations only. I can turn it off in Slide Show presentations)

Hi @rod_barbee, we’re looking into that.

I too now find that “extra” metadata on my single image display.


Looking at the METADATA DISPLAY / metadata panel, it is now turned off. But, if I turn it on and take a look at the items to be displayed, they the same as those currently displayed…when the panel is turned off!