Updated photography website

I had some time time on my hands and just completed a redesign (upgrade) of my photography website (franzzihlmannphoto). Because I skipped several TTG releases and I wanted to redesign the site, I decided to start development from scratch. One major design objective included
improved usability on mobile devices like smart phones (Android and iPhone) and iPad like tablet devices. Adding a Blog page, improved web security and an image background color neutral to image viewing were also on the list.
I could NOT have done this without the support from the TTG Forum moderators. The almost instant answers to questions were simply remarkable. I especially would like to thank Rod Barbee for his support and many CSS scripts that “polished” this site. Thanks also to Daniel Leu for his PHP script and help. Ben Williams had to jump-in twice to resolve some issues.
The website got some QA from family members; however, all the testing was done on Windows and Android devices. Apple Desktop, iPhone, and Tablets did not get any testing. I would appreciate receive feedback on any anomalies, especially from Apple device owners.
I also summarized my approach to the website development in blog article. See: Blog page
Thank you all!
Franz Zihlmann (Panagon)

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Nice job, Franz. And thank you for the nice writeup on the blog. I think you really nailed the TTG experience and learning curve.

This looks good, Franz. Didn’t notice anything amiss on my Mac. And thanks for the shoutout.