Updating to Backlight 5

I have backlight 3 and will need to upgrade to backlight 5 as DreamHost is updating from php 7.4 to php 8.1. I see that Backlight 5 costs $135. Is there a discount for users who are upgrading?

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

We only offer upgrade discounts between contiguous versions, so presently from Backlight 4 to 5. But any of the add-ons your already own for Backlight 3 will not incur upgrade costs; when you upgrade to Backlight 5, your add-ons come along for the ride.

Thanks for letting me know. Please send me a link that describes the upgrade process from Backlight 3 to Backlight 5.

See the Installation documentation

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From B3 to B5 should be an easy upgrade. Just purchase Backlight 5 using the same email address, then visit the Backlight Modules page to perform upgrades. I think you’ll need to install twice:

  1. First time, Backlight will upgrade its existing modules and become aware of new modules to install;
  2. Second time, it will install the new modules (Pangolin Essay and Journal, Kookaburra modules)

Important to note, you do not need to download anything. There are no files you need to manage to upgrade an existing site; the admin will do everything for you.

If you find yourself unable to perform the upgrade, then probably you will have mismatched the email address for the new order, and you should contact me to reconcile your Backlight 3 and Backlight 5 orders.