Upgraded to PHP8

I now have an error as follows:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_magic_quotes_gpc() in /home/photo/public_html/new/prints/backlight/framework/init.php:19 Stack trace: #0 /home/photo/public_html/new/prints/photos/landscape/lib.php(56): require_once() #1 /home/photo/public_html/new/prints/photos/landscape/index.php(8): require_once(’/home/photo/pub…’) #2 {main} thrown in /home/photo/public_html/new/prints/backlight/framework/init.php on line 19

I am unsure what to do now as I cant access my admin page and the frontend pages are showing a similar error.

Can anyone help or guide me on what I can do to rectify this?


Hi @davidp, the code in Backlight 1 is not compatible with PHP 8. Your options are to change to PHP 7.4 or earlier, or to upgrade to the latest version of Backlight, Backlight 4.

If you’re already running a newer version of Backlight, then the error would be coming from old files left on your server. I can advise further based on the version you’re running.

Ah thanks Ben, I wasnt aware of that. I have also had to use a different email address to post this query, seems like my old account was deleted or lapsed or something.

I would buy backlight 4 but wondered if there was any discount on upgrading to what i currently have (that doesnt work) ?
I had Cart and a couple of other things which i cant remember now, but cart was the “must” have addition.

What would you advise?

If it’s been a while since you visited the support forum (since before about June of last year) then it’s because this is a different forum (using Discourse) and usernames and logins weren’t transferable.

Thanks for the explanation Rod. I remember you giving me lots of advice setting up Backlight when I first started. I really appreciate the help you gave in getting me started.

Perhaps you might know if i can get a discount on an upgrade to Backlight 4 or is that purely Ben’s domain?

That would be @Matthew’s department.

How do i contact Matthew and ask if there is a discount available for me? I’ve looked at his profile but cant see a way of contacting him direct, perhaps its just me?

Thanks Rod and Ben for any help you can give.

I’ve updated your user status to “basic-user” so you can send direct messages.
Click on his name in my response above. A window will pop up. Click on the blue “message” button.

Thank you Rod. But i can see his profile but no option to contact him via message or email or anything else. Just a summary of his activities. :unamused:

You don’t see the Message button?

I didnt orginally, but it is there now and I have messaged him.

Thanks Rod for sorting that out :+1:

If you’re really still on BL 1, you may not be eligible for a discount.

I just found the newsletter announcing the release of BL4. (do you get the newsletter?)
You can view it here, it covers discounts.

I was originally on Backlight 1 and then upgraded to Backlight 2. Think I was, but can’t confirm as i can no longer login to the admin panel due to my upgrade of php8.

Is there a file I can check via FTP that will determine the version I was using do you know?

ps… thanks for the link, the code on there is no longer valid by the way.

Right, that code was only good for a couple of weeks, and that newsletter was from last April.

The version info may be in the admin database in the /backlight/data/admin/ folder. If you’re familiar with SQLite databases you could download the .sq3 file and see what’s to be found.

Probably easier to just wait for Matt to respond. He should have your purchase record.

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