Upgrading Backlight 2>4 on Intranet website that can't see public Internet?

Trying to upgrade v2 to a v4 site on an internal webserver that can’t see the public internet. Not able to upgrade via /backlight/admin/list_modules page or via /backlight/installer

Not sure what my options without the ability for this website to authenticate via public internet.


Just curious: how did you install v2 on a web server that doesn’t have access to the internet?

Hi @mikewren, can you provide some background about how the server is set up? Is this restriction by design or is there an issue with the network?

Do you have access to the firewall rules or somebody who can adjust them? One option would be to temporarily open access during installation and then close it again. Another would be to temporarily or permanently allow external access to get.theturninggate.net on port 443.

Hi Ben and Daniel :wave: This server is on our corporate intranet with a very strict set of governance policies - I don’t have root on the box, our IT team manages the VM. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of leeway on opening the firewall up just for the authentication handshake. I’ve asked that our IT open it up get.theturninggate.net for a few minutes while the instance is upgraded and either they can’t or won’t do it - but still working that angle with them this morning.

Is this the only option for license authentication?

@Daniel - great question, it was set up so long ago policies could have been less restrictive back then - I can’t really recall why it worked then.

Quick update - our IT was able to open the firewall for a few minutes, we’re all set. Thank you!


I’m glad to hear. Access to our server is for the purpose of getting the code, both during initial installation and for updates. This approach saves users from needing to upload updates via FTP, which is both tedious and unreliable.

It seems strange that such a strict IT team would even allow third party software like ours on a corporate server. Backlight receives bug fixes and updates. You’ll either run into this problem each time we announce updates or will end up with an outdated version of Backlight.

Photo sharing and archiving is valued by the institution; Backlight is the only on prem web gallery solution with such tight Lightroom integration, so here we are. :slight_smile: Very appreciative of your continued efforts and quick response on this thread.