Upgrading CE 3 to Backlight 4 with similar "style"


I almost ready to make the jump from CE 3 to Backlight 4. (Partly because one of my old gallery pages is not working). My question is: how close can I get to the look of my CE3 created galleries using Backlight?

At the moment I only use CE3 for making my photo galleries within Lightroom Classic and I am using Rapid Weaver for the rest of my website. What I have now via CE3 looks pretty close to my Rapid Weaver style I am using. Here is the page I have now Edward Levinson - Edo Photos - Japan
I would like to get something similar to this with Backlight.

There is supposed to be some text and links BELOW the gallery index page references but this appears to be broken. One of the reason I am planning to upgrade. Another gallery index page doesn’t load at all (visible on top menu of the gallery page mentioned).

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ed,

You should be able to get pretty close to the design you have now.

Thanks Rod. That’s good to hear. I imagine I’ll have some questions once I get going with it. :slightly_smiling_face: (likely to take me some time before I actually start).