Upgrading from CE4

Hi Matt, I’m thinking about upgrading my my client response galleries to backlight. Still having random loading issues and I can’t seem to find the problem.

Am I eligible for a reduced rate?

Hi trottsky,

We currently are not offering any discounts at all, and it’s unlikely we will be extending any future discounts to anything as old as CE4.

How upgrading and discounts will work in the future is that users of Backlight 4 will have a window of time in which they will be eligible to upgrade to Backlight 5 at a discount. To be clear, Backlight 5 has not yet been announced; we simply expect that it will be coming along eventually.

When such users upgrade to Backlight 5, then any purchased add-ons – such as the Client Response add-on – will be upgraded for free, as add-ons are now a one-time purchase, and always kept up-to-date concurrent with the version of Backlight a user is running.

Thanks for the info Matthew, that makes sense. CE4 is pretty old! I’m actually quite impressed it has lasted me this long.

I’ll pick up Backlight 4 and keep an eye out for those upgrade windows.

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